Adam Park Black & White Bungalows – District 11, Singapore

Originally built in the 1920s, these 19 B&W bungalows were divided into 3 distinct types to cater to British officers of varying seniority. The most opulent of these had tennis courts, garages and outhouses. Located near the Botanic Gardens, Adam Park (and Rd) were named after Frank Adam, the former Managing Director of Straits Trading Company.

However, Adam Park is no ordinary conservation zone. These homes have a dark and eerie past as well. 7 Adam Park, which now houses the Surbana Jurong Academy, used to be the HQ of 1st Battalion Cambridgeshire Regiment during WWII in 1942. A fierce battle between the Brits and Japs ensued, resulting in heavy casualties, earning an area here the nickname Hellfire Corner. It was to be one of the last battles before the Surrender.

Following the British’s surrender, these Adam Park bungalows were used to house 3000 Brit and Aussie POWs and many were forced to work on the Syonan Jinja shrine at Macritchie Reservoir. Nonetheless, there was a small chapel, hospital and canteen for the POWs here at Adam Park.

The area’s rich archaeological significance gave rise to The Adam Park Project (TAPP), which has uncovered some 1400 artefacts to date. These B&W houses now belong to the State and are tenanted to many expat families.

Credits to Remember Singapore and for their comprehensive content on Adam Park, which I have adapted for this post.

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