Neighbourhood Watch – Siang Kuang Avenue Review (District 13 Singapore)

Siang Kuang Avenue has a special place in my family’s heart. Soon after Mum graduated from London in 1983, she found work at a fledging American data storage company. Originally from Sarawak, Malaysia, 13 Siang Kuang Avenue, a single storey detached house, was her 1st home in Singapore as it was near her workplace then. It is now leased to Cherie Hearts Student Care and looks to be the only remaining single storey bungalow along the row, retaining its original facade from the 1980s. Mum went on to work for the same American firm for 31 years and it has since become one of the world’s largest hard disk makers.

Siang Kuang Avenue also marked my parents’ first property offer, at $460k for 36 Siang Kuang Avenue in 1990, a small sub-1500 sqft terrace house located just across from 13 Siang Kuang Avenue where they lived after getting married. Just like many other parts of Macpherson, Siang Kuang Avenue comprises of most small terrace houses in their original condition as there really isn’t much build up potential given the plot sizes here.

Surprisingly, there are a couple of corner terrace houses which are pretty big. Most of the original detached houses have now been subdivided into Semi-Ds instead.

The location of The Venue Residences used to house a wet market and hawker centre, which my parents frequented when they were residing here.

Located a short walk from Potong Pasir MRT and just round the corner from the popular River South (Hoe Nam) Prawn Noodles, Siang Kuang Ave was named after Tan Siang Kuang, a prominent Teochew businessman and the 1st Chairman of Overseas Union Bank. The neighbouring roads are also named after his family members – Puay Hee, his son and Siak Kew, his brother. Siang Kuang’s low profile family was in the news in 2018, having sold their palatial 66,452sqft home at 14/14A Nassim Rd for a whopping $218m ($2,744psf) to Stanley Ho’s Shun Tak.


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