King Albert Park Good Class Bungalow GCB Review – District 21, Singapore

This GCBA was named after King Albert I of Belgium and developed by a Belgian bank in 1939. It adjoins the Old Bukit Timah Railway Station (imagine how noisy it was when trains used to ply this route from Malaysia daily) and also borders Bukit Timah / Dunearn Rd and Clementi Rd. The former leads you to King Albert Park MRT and MGS while the latter will take you to Ngee Ann Poly and SUSS in a couple of minutes.

There are still large swathes of green (undeveloped) land nearby, which represent lots of redevelopment potential for the area. Add that to the upcoming Beauty World transformation and there seems to be a decent upside potential for this place!

Pictured here are several prominent GCBs in this area. 26 KAP, a 16,750sqft home, was sold by SC Global’s Simon Cheong for $25mil ($1,493psf) back in 2016.

This doesn’t look like much but it was originally 70,820 sqft of land owned by K16 Services. Yip Yuen Hong of ipli Architects designed 4 distinct GCBs from that plot – Concrete (23KAP) Copper (19KAP), Black Aluminium (18KAP) & Brass (18A KAP) and all are currently tenanted.

Famous owners in the KAP GCBA include Far East Organisation, who purchased 18 KAP, a colossal 39,228 sqft home in Mar 2017 for $43.8mil ($1,117psf). FEO somehow tends to snag pretty good deals (and sell them for a fortune after). Robert Kwan, who brought McDonald’s to Singapore and Dr Julian Theng of Eagle Eye Centre (who has a tennis court at home!) also live in this GCBA.

In Sept 2020, a 7,945 sqft bungalow was listed at $10.8mil ($1,359 psf). As this plot is below the URA requirement of 1,400 sqm, it is not considered a GCB despite being located in a GCBA. It was orignally built in 1960.

Credits to Robert Powell for the history of this GCB estate.


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