Property Zai Kia was borne out of passion and a need – I am a Singaporean in my late 20s who set out on this journey looking for my first home with my partner. This began in 2018 while my partner and I were Law and Medicine undergraduates.

As with most Singaporeans, we desired a HDB flat as our first and matrimonial home. We applied, albeit unsuccessfully, for a 43rd floor, 5-Room flat in Queenstown, via the Sale of Balance scheme, which was sold by HDB for an astronomical price of $700,000. Despite that, we knew that it was a ‘sure win’ for us if we got the opportunity to purchase it.

Since a young age, I have been intrigued by real estate’s ability to be an effective legacy tool, especially here in sunny Singapore, where demand for properties never seems to abate. Personally, this includes properties of all shapes and forms – from 3-room HDB flats and Maisonettes to condominiums and Good Class Bungalows.

The journey thereafter has taken me to more than 100 new and resale properties in Singapore, making me one of the most prolific viewers of real estate in my age group. The process has allowed me to develop a grasp of market trends and drivers behind buyer (and seller) behaviour while keeping practical considerations in mind.

As a matter of personal interest, I am also interested in the history and dynamics around Singapore’s most premium segment – Good Class Bungalows. With just 2800+ houses in 39 estates across the (mainly) prime districts, this site hopes to provide an insightful read into this unique category of homes which are far beyond the affordability of the common man like myself.

I maintain an active Instagram page: @propertyzaikia

New & Resale Condos Viewed (Since ~2012)

  1. Marina One Residences (D01)
  2. Avenue South Residences (D03)
  3. Commonwealth Towers (D03)
  4. The Landmark (D03)
  5. Margaret Ville (D03)
  6. One Pearl Bank (D03)
  7. Riviere (D03)
  8. Marina Collection (D04)
  9. The Interlace (D04)
  10. The Reef at King’s Dock (D04)
  11. One-North Eden (D05)
  12. Terra Hill (D05)
  13. Canninghill Piers (D06)
  14. City Gate (D07)
  15. Midtown Bay (D07)
  16. Midtown Modern (D07)
  17. 1953 (D08)
  18. Piccadilly Grand (D08)
  19. Uptown@Farrer (D08)
  20. Haus on Handy (D09)
  21. Irwell Hill Residences (D09)
  22. Martin Modern (D09)
  23. RV Altitude (D09)
  24. The Avenir (D09)
  25. Belmond Green (D10)
  26. Chateau Le Fame (D10)
  27. Chiverton (D10)
  28. Cyan (D10)
  29. D’Dalvey (D10)
  30. Duchess Manor (D10)
  31. Duke’s Residence (D10)
  32. Fourth Avenue Residences (D10)
  33. Gisborne Light (D10)
  34. Jervois Mansion (D10)
  35. Juniper Hill (D10)
  36. Leedon Green (D10)
  37. One Holland Village (D10)
  38. Park Nova (D10)
  39. Perfect Ten (D10)
  40. Petit Jervois (D10)
  41. RoyalGreen (D10)
  42. RV Residences (D10)
  43. Signature @ Lewis (D10)
  44. The Hyde (D10)
  45. The Legend (D10)
  46. The Sixth Avenue Residences (D10)
  47. Van Holland (D10)
  48. Wilshere Residences (D10)
  49. 10 Evelyn (D11)
  50. 35 Gilstead (D11)
  51. Adam Park Condominium (D11)
  52. Dunearn 368 (D11)
  53. Fyve Derbyshire (D11)
  54. Kellett Court (D11)
  55. L’Viv (D11)
  56. Neu at Novena (D11)
  57. Pullman Residences (D11)
  58. Shelford 23 (D11)
  59. Shelford Regency (D11)
  60. Shelford Suites (D11)
  61. Suites at Surrey (D11)
  62. Jui Residences (D12)
  63. Botanique at Bartley (D13)
  64. Kallang Riverside (D12)
  65. Bartley Vue (D13)
  66. The Venue Residences (D13)
  67. The Woodleigh Residences (D13)
  68. Mori (D14)
  69. Parc Esta (D14)
  70. Park Place Residence (D14)
  71. Penrose (D14)
  72. Sims Urban Oasis (D14)
  73. Simsville (D14)
  74. The Antares (D14)
  75. 8 Sandy (D15)
  76. 16 @ Amber (D15)
  77. Amber 45 (D15)
  78. Amber Park (D15)
  79. Amber Skye (D15)
  80. Arena Residences (D15)
  81. De Centurion (D15)
  82. Eighteen Residences (D15)
  83. Guillermard Suites (D15)
  84. Liv @ MB (D15)
  85. Nyon (D15)
  86. Olloi (D15)
  87. Seaside Residences (D15)
  88. Seventy St Patrick’s (D15)
  89. Straits Mansion (D15)
  90. Sunny Palms Condo (D15)
  91. Sunnyvale Residences (D15)
  92. Tedge (D15)
  93. The Makena (D15)
  94. Meyer Mansion (D15)
  95. Costa Del Sol (D16)
  96. East Coast Residences (D16)
  97. The Calypso (D16)
  98. The Glades (D16)
  99. Urban Vista (D16)
  100. Venezio (D16)
  101. Arc at Tampines (D17)
  102. Coco Palms (D18)
  103. D’Nest (D18)
  104. Parc Central Residences (D18)
  105. Parc Komo (D18)
  106. Pasir Ris 8 (D18)
  107. The Santorini (D18)
  108. The Tapestry (D18)
  109. Treasure at Tampines (D18)
  110. Affinity at Serangoon (D19)
  111. Ecopolitan (D19)
  112. Jade Residences (D19)
  113. Kensington Square (D19)
  114. The Florence Residences (D19)
  115. The Garden Residences (D19)
  116. The Gazania (D19)
  117. The Lilium (D19)
  118. The Quinn (D19)
  119. Amo Residence (D20)
  120. Grandeur 8 (D20)
  121. Jadescape (D20)
  122. The Panorama (D20)
  123. Daintree Residence (D21)
  124. Floridian (D21)
  125. Forett at Bukit Timah (D21)
  126. Jardin (D21)
  127. Ki Residences at Brookvale (D21)
  128. Maplewoods (D21)
  129. Mayfair Modern (D21)
  130. Mayfair Gardens (D21)
  131. The Hillford (D21)
  132. View at Kismis (D21)
  133. Hills Two One Hillview (D23)
  134. Dairy Farm Residences (D23)
  135. Midwood (D23)
  136. Rivertrees Residences (D28)