Bukit Tunggal Good Class Bungalow GCB Review – District 11, Singapore

Translated into English, Bukit Tunggal stands for ‘singular hill’ because of its distinctive topographical feature. Syed Omar Alsagoff, a prominent Muslim leader, lived on the hill and his sons developed the hill for senior govt officials in the 1920s, following his death. Besides Bukit Tunggal Rd, this GCBA includes the Chancery area, Dyson Rd and Mount Rosie Rd.

It is estimated that there are only ~60 GCBs in this area, as many are smaller landed properties or cluster housing. Location wise, this GCBA is close to many top schools such as ACS, SCGS and SJI and the Novena malls, making it a pretty unique choice in terms of proximity to amenities.

As with other GCBAs, owners here are prominent folks. Late S Rajaratnam, our 1st Foreign Minister, used to live a 30 Chancery Lane, a 20,688sqft plot which sold for $28.5m ($1,378psf) in 2013. This has since been redeveloped to this lovely new home by Ernesto Bedmar.

Other owners here are said to include Chua Thian Poh of Ho Bee Land, RSP Architect’s Albert Hong, late ‘Father of Opthalmology’ Prof. Arthur Lim and several other prominent doctors, architects and businessmen.

This GCBA has areas which are so undeveloped, including this sprawling plot of green near Mount Rosie Rd (#10), which is also home to many amazingly huge bungalows, including 24 Mount Rosie Rd (#2), a black & white which is 1,092,156sqft according to SRX. 1million sqft is quite bizarre and that equates to 1,000x 4-room HDB flats laid out beside each other.

The other photos showcase a mix of black&whites and some old and newer builds. As with the past, many of these newer builds are works of renowned architects. You will find strong design elements by the likes of Ernesto Bedmar, Wallflower Architects, K2LD, RSP, Hyla & Visual Text Architects here among others.


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  1. […] Nassim Road is a 2km stretch bounded by Cluny Road and Tanglin Road, striking the perfect balance between nature (Botanic Gardens) and lifestyle (Orchard Road). Nassim is of Arabian origin, meaning ‘breezy’, with many Muslim families in the Middle East supposedly adopting this name. It is speculated that Nassim Rd may have been named after connections with the Alsagoff family, a successful spice enterprise family of Yemeni roots, who owned land on Nassim Rd. This family were also involved in the Bukit Tunggal GCBA. […]


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