Eng Neo Good Class Bungalow GCB Review, District 11, Singapore

Many of us know Eng Neo Avenue as that long winding road that connects Bukit Timah Road to PIE. It was even more congested back when the Turf Club was still operating off Eng Neo Avenue between 1933-1999. The Grandstand now occupies the space, as with Bukit Timah Saddle Club, which offered recreational horse riding activities here since 1951.

The GCBA is named after Tan Eng Neo, wife of Gaw Boon Chan. Gaw was the founder of Ho Ho Biscuit Factory who purchased the land in 1900 before being murdered in 1911. Tan Eng Neo passed on in 1941 at her residence at 23 Newton Rd (L’Viv condo today). Eng Neo Avenue is very likely the only Good Class Bungalow Area to be named after a woman, and one of 2 to be named after an Asian, with the other being Oei Tiong Ham Park.

This GCBA occupies just a small square plot of just about ~30+ houses along Eng Neo Avenue. It comprises of mainly Black & White bungalows (about 20 of them and basic look ones) which were probably built by Bukit Timah Rubber Estate after Tan Eng Neo’s estate sold the land in the late 1940s.

Since they are likely held by SLA, the number of transactions here are very limited. There were only 4 transactions in this GCBA between 2006 to 2020.

Interestingly, the SLA had launched 2 separate plots on 99 Years tender in 2007 for the public to purchase – one of which is 70 Eng Neo Ave has already been resold, albeit at a loss of $1m. It’s crazy to think how people were willing to swallow losses in the past – just look at how bullish the current market is.

July 2006 – 102A Eng Neo Ave: $10.9m – 20,085sqft ($540 psf)
Jun 2013 – 70 Eng Neo Ave: $14.8m – 16,690sqft ($887 psf)
Jun 2015 – 114 Eng Neo Ave: $9.8m – 6,739 sqft ($1,454 psf)
Jan 2018 – 112 Eng Neo Ave: $23.3m – 17,067 sqft ($1,365 psf)

Credits to EdgeProp and Robert Powell.


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