White House Park Good Class Bungalow (GCBA) – District 10, Singapore

White House Park was originally a 54-acre nutmeg and betel nut plantation owned by bookkeeper turned auctioneer Gilbert Angus in the early 1800s before it was later sold to F&N founder John Fraser.

There were originally 4 houses in this estate, all built in the 19th century – Whitehouse (1862), Glencaird (1897), Cree Hall and Sentosa (1875-1880). Unfortunately, of the 4 original houses, only Glencaird remains at 15 White House Park and was originally designed by the famed R.A.J Bidwell.

Glencaird became the official residence of the Australia High Commissioner in 1947 and was given conservation status in 1991. The 194,000sqft plot was later sold to Wheelock Properties fr $98m ($505psf) in 1996 and another 11 GCBs were built on the plot of land whilst conserving Glencaird. The 11 GCBs were designed by Ernesto Bedmar, completed in 1999 and sold at ~$14m each ($838psf) while Glencaird was only sold in 2007 for $28.8m ($1308psf), making it the most expensive GCB back then. How times have changed – the most expensive GCB sold now is 33 Nassim Rd at $230m ($2720psf).

WHP is located off Stevens Road and is parallel / contiguous with the Dalvey Estate GCBA. I always thought this GCB’s name had something to do with US President’s official residence but it’s probably named after the 1st house built in this estate instead.

Recent transactions include a 35,290sqft unit sold for $60m ($1600psf) in Jun ’20 while another 15,125sqft sold for $25.5m ($1686psf) in 2016. Past and present owners in this GCBA are said to include Wee Cho Yaw’s (UOB Chairman Emeritus) nephew Wee Boo Tee.

Credits to eresources.nlb.gov.sg


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