Bukit Sedap Good Class Bungalow GCB Review, District 10 Singapore

Bukit Sedap GCBA is the smallest GCBA in Singapore, occupying just 3.15ha (339,000 sqft) of land in total. For reference, D’Leedon (840,000 sqft) is more than 2x larger.

Located just off Holland Rd and beside the Maryland Estate GCBA, Bukit Sedap is also at the fringe of the massive Clementi Forest / Green Corridor, which is 85ha large (10,000x 4-room HDB flats) and is Singapore’s 2nd largest wildlife habitat after Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. Henry Park Pri is also within 1km for some of these homes. As for the origins of its name, Sedap of course, translates from Malay as ‘delicious/tasty’ and potentially refers to fruit grown in the area in the past.

While I have tried to showcase different GCBs found at Bukit Sedap, majority of them (~15) are actually owned by the same developer, with facades and features (swimming pools) a carbon copy of each other. They were developed by Singapore’s largest developer, Far East Organisation. If I am not mistaken, these GCBAs continue to be owned by them as part of their Villas Holland series and are rented at ~$25k/month. No wonder Ng Teng Fong was Singapore’s richest man for so many years.

An old GCB at Bukit Sedap was listed for sale in Aug at $18m for 15,565sqft ($1,156psf) of land, down from its original $23m presumably due to the ongoing pandemic.

Credits to Robert Powell (Singapore Good Class Bungalow 1819-2015) for the history of Bukit Sedap.


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