Cornwall Gardens Good Class Bungalow GCB Review – District 10, Singapore

Cornwall Gardens is adjacent to 3 GCBAs – Ford Avenue, Leedon Park and Belmont Park and is the largest among the 4 as it includes homes at the start of Belmont Rd. It is most probably named after The Duchy of Cornwall, which was created in 1337 by Edward III for his son. The current Price of Wales is the 24th Duke of Cornwall. (History adapted from Robert Powell’s “Singapore Good Class Bungalow 1819-2015″ ISBN 978-981-14-0844-1)

Similar to the past few GCBAs covered here, the closest MRT is Holland Village and a Balinese inspired 99-unit project named The Cornwall sits at the start of Cornwall Gardens. Stacked Homes did a comprehensive review on the project earlier this year.

While I’ll be first to admit that I am no fan of its external facade, it was shortlisted for an award at the 2015 World Architecture Festival. It is covered in charcoal logs from Ipoh, which were chosen for their natural air purification. The atrium of the house is designed akin to a rice paddy terrace and the entire place is meant to mimic a resort – with waterfalls, koi ponds and bridges. Designed by by Chang Yong Ter, it has been featured on Straits Times, Mothership, The Peak Magazine & many more.

This GCBA is also home to the Royal Malaysia Customs Residence and it really does look like a Malaysian bungalow – leafy surroundings, tired facade and clothes left to dry on the ledge.


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