Dalvey Estate Good Class Bungalow GCB Review – District 10, Singapore

Spanning 12.21ha, the Dalvey Estate GCBA could be named after the eponymous Dalvey town in the Scottish highlands. The Dalvey GCBA received quite a bit of attention in late 2018, when former Minister and first HDB Chairman Lim Kim San’s palatial 52,059 sqft home was sold for $94mil ($1,804psf) to the Taiwanese billionaire Tsai family of Cathay Life Insurance fame. It was originally built in 1967.

#1 shows late President Ong Teng Cheong’s home at 1 Dalvey Estate, an Art Deco home designed by Frank Bewer in 1927 and is part of the White House Park / Nassim conservation areas of black & white bungalows. This house is now occupied by his son, who has also taken over the running of late President Ong’s architectural firm, Ong & Ong.

#2 shows the redevelopment of the former Villa D’Este, which was acquired by KOP Ltd, developers of the Ritz Carlton Residences and Montigo Resorts in Indonesia, for $93mil on a land plot of 55,000 sqft. The new development will be called Dalvey Haus and 2 recent transactions went for $8.9mil and $9mil ($3,192-$3,228 psf) for 2,788sqft in Aug 20 and Feb 20 respectively. The start and end of Dalvey Road actually consists of several small apartments including D’Dalvey and DLV.

Dalvey GCBA is also home to members of the billionaire Widjaja family of Sinar Mas fame, who enbloc-ed the 12-apartment Cree Court for $53mil in 2009 to build their 65,416 sqft mansion. Oei Hong Leong, also of the family, stays down the road and was embroiled in a lawsuit in 2006 over the use of the driveway. Other owners here include a former Guocoland CEO and substantial shareholders of Hwa Hong, Oceanus and UMS Holdings among many others.

Credits to research by Robert Powell (Singapore Good Class Bungalow 1819-2015)


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