Wilkinson Road Bungalows

 At the idyllic District 15, famed for its coastline and proximity to the city, the Mountbatten Road precinct rules. Tanjong Katong used to be a favourite amongst the Indo Chinese, who enjoyed seafront living at their doorstep. Being featured here are the houses of Wilkinson Road. Many of the grand old dames have now been demolished, but remnants of the vieux riche remain.
Katong Swimming Complex (Since 1975)

Welcoming you at 111 Wilkinson Road is Katong Swimming Complex, an ever present structure since 1975. At 110 WLK right across, an old bungalow remains, dilapidated and uninhabitable, much like many old dames of Tanjong Katong.

110 Wilkinson Road

Further down the road, we find a small park, leading up to the main Mountbatten Road, where buses ply towards the City and further East.

There are no shortage of educational institutions either. Along Wilkinson Road, you will find Odyssey – The Global Preschool. Truly, this is a preschool for the affluent, with such a vast expanse of land. In the vicinity, you will also find other Montessoris and Dunman High School, a top pre-university institution in Singapore.

Venturing further, you will find 100 WLK which belongs to the era of homes built in the 1990s with an emphasis on grander structures.

But what can beat the sheer opulence of 81 WLK, home to Lakshmi Mittal, formerly the 3rd richest man in the world and CEO of Arcelormittal. Whilst his fortunes have declined sharply as with the prices of steel, he is still worth US$18.6Bn at the time of writing in 2020 😂 #famousneighbours I am sure everyone would stop and take a second look at this marble clad palatial home.

His neighours aren’t too shabby either. 79 WLK sits on a 26,404 sqft plot of land and was sold at $30mil ($1,136psf) in 2016 to the CEO of ValueMax Group, a SGX listed company for his own stay.

A year later in 2017, 75 WLK changed hands at $17.2mil ($1,202psf) for a land size of 14,305 sqft. The old house, originally built in 1995 was torn down and recently completed its renovations

65 WLK stands in contrast to these homes with a simple old home with lots of empty spaces for the young to run about. Likely to be built in the 70s

54 WLK sits on a 15,791 sqft of land and even features a treehouse styled lookout

50 WLK is the ONLY piece of vacant land available along Wilkinson Road. Land size is estimated to be around 10,000 sqft, sufficient for subdivision into 2 detached homes or 4 semi-d’s. Who’s interested? I definitely am.

As you can already tell, Wilkinson Road is a pretty long stretched, flanked by Branksome Road and Mountbatten Road, which is the main road. We started our journey along Mountbatten / Kampong Arang and now feature homes closer to Tanjong Katong Road. We feature mainly rebuilt homes from the 2000s and beyond. Their style is markedly different with a focus on maximising the land by creating more liveable space and the use of timber strips and darker/monochrome tones.

41 WLK is a corner detached on 8,612sqft of land. 32 WLK is also a corner detached and used to be an empty plot of land before being rebuilt. 30 WLK is also a new built after the old home was torn down

What is perhaps most interesting in this set of homes at 28 and 26 WLK. Designed by Kite Studio Architecture, these 2 homes sit on more than 40,000 sqft of land and was crafted to allow 2 brothers to reside together with their families but yet maintain a degree of privacy. They share a good sized pool and lawn in the middle. Their father runs Soilbuild Group Holdings, a property and construction empire and was ranked 36th richest in Singapore by Forbes in 2019 with a net worth of $925mil.

If you are looking for a more affordable option along Wilkinson Road, look no further than Wilkinson 8, the only strata-landed property along this road. The last transacted price was $2.85M in November 2019. Evidently, based on the sale price of the other bungalows along WLK, $2.85M looks like a steal!

With that, I conclude my tour of Wilkinson Road, a prime stretch in D15. Hope you enjoyed the features and can’t wait to showcase more beautiful homes soon 🙂

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